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Protecting The Factory Paint While Changing The Look Of Your Car

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Protecting the factory paint on your new car is an excellent way to help maintain the resale value down the road, but if you want to change the car’s color or look, painting it can lower that resale value very quickly. There are some options, but the best one might be a vehicle wrap because it offers more than just a new look. Understanding Wraps A vehicle wrap is not the same thing as painting a car or truck. Read More»

Vehicle Repairs That Require A Visit Tour Your Local Repair Shop

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There are people that are very comfortable working on their car or truck and making many basic repairs, but there are some repairs that require a visit to an auto repair shop for some professional help. In most cases, newer cars and trucks with their complex fuel and electrical systems require specialized tools and equipment that you most likely do not have but your local auto shop will.  Engine Tuning Read More»

Common Collision Repair Needs You Shouldn't Ignore

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Auto body damage can happen at any time, and collision damage — or damage that is caused when your car is impacted by another vehicle, object, animal, or other collision — can be expensive. It’s hard to tell how much auto body repairs will cost should they happen to your car, but on average, you’ll pay at least$50 to repair smaller damage to upwards of several thousand dollars for more extensive repairs. Read More»

Is A Car Bumper Easy To Replace?

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You’ve managed to ding up your bumper pretty badly, and from the looks of it, it would be best to pull off the old bumper and replace it with a new one. You can easily find parts for most vehicles online these days, so it makes it also easy to assume that replacing common autobody parts should be simple. Yet, replacing something like a bumper can actually be a little more complicated than what it may first appear and it is a very important task. Read More»