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Fix Your Dented Car Using A Football And Air Pump

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Dents happen from time to time when something bumps into your car with enough force to bend in the body of the vehicle. Minor dents can be fixed yourself by using some household items without causing major damage to the vehicle. You should not attempt to fix any major dents and only trust a professional body work repair shop to fix larger repairs. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix a minor dent in your car using an air pump and football.

1 – Start by deflating the football and making sure that the air is completely drained out of it. You want the football to be as flat as possible so that you can slide it into small spaces to get in behind the dent. 

2- With the football completely flattened out, slide it up underneath the body of the car and place it in behind the dented area. Make sure that the air valve is facing towards you and that you have access to put the pin from an air pump inside of it.

3 - Slide out from underneath the car and grab the air pump and connect the pin into the air valve of the football. If you are using a hand air pump, you will have to pump up the air into the football manually. When pumping the air into the football, make sure that you hold a soft cloth over top of the dent and prevent it from popping out with too much force. If you are using an automatic air pump that needs electricity, you will have to have access to the power button on the unit to cut the power when enough air has filled the football to pop out the dent.

4 – When the dent has been popped out, disconnect the pin from the air valve on the football and let the air out of the football. When enough air has been deflated, slide the football out from under the dent and pump it back up to return it to its original state.

5 – Polish the area of the car where the dent was to complete the process and give the car a nice new glow.

If the steps outlined above do not fix the dent then it could be a sign that the dent is a much larger auto repair issue that needs to be fixed by a professional auto body shop (such as Ohs' Body Shop's Inc).