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4 Tips For Auto Body Repair

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If you have been in a car accident, you likely have some auto body damage that needs to be taken care of. To be sure that your auto body repairs are done right, you will want to consider these four auto body repair tips:

  1. You Can Pick the Shop: If you have worked with an auto body repair shop in the past that you trust, you can still go to them even if your auto insurance company referred you to a different shop. Car insurance companies have auto body shops that they prefer, but this doesn't mean that their customers need to use these shops to receive insurance payouts for the repairs. Even if you choose your own shop, you will still receive the coverage that you deserve. 
  2. Ask About Aftermarket Parts: Many auto body repair shops will use aftermarket parts to replace auto body parts that need replacing. This helps the shop save money and you will be paying less for the repairs, as well. However, aftermarket parts often don't hold up well and don't always work well with your specific vehicle make and model. This means that sooner, rather than later, you will have to replace these parts again. Be sure that you request the shop not to use aftermarket parts. 
  3. Take Note of the Paint Match: If your car needs to be repainted in certain areas because of damage, you want to be sure that you take a look at the paint match yourself. The best thing to do to ensure that the paint is an exact match is to look in your owner's manual for the paint type number. This number should match the paint that the auto body repair shop is using. If they don't have that specific paint color, order it yourself and bring it to the auto body repair shop to use for your vehicle. A mismatched paint color can be highly noticeable once the paint has dried. 
  4. Check Your Dashboard: After you have taken your car to an auto body repair shop, be sure to check your dashboard for any warning lights. Don't leave the auto body repair shop until these lights are shut off. If warning lights are on, you may not notice any issues right away, but eventually, they will become known and cause problems with you driving safely on the road. 

When you consider these four tips for auto body repair, you can be sure that your repairs are done right. To learn more, contact an auto body repair shop like High Point Body & Paint.