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Even A Small Fender Bender Can Affect Other Parts Of Your Car

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If you've been in an accident with your vehicle, you might be surprised How many other parts may receive damage as a result of the crash. Even a minor accident can cause problems with the suspension and drivetrain of the vehicle. It is essential to have the entire car inspected for damaged after any collision.

Front-end Damage

One of the most common related problems comes from front-end collisions. The front suspension is so close to the front-end of the car and attached to the front frame rail that even a small deflection of the frame can cause an alignment issue and damage to suspension components. Sometimes the damage is so slight; you may not be able to see it with the naked eye. 

In these situations, the simplest way to determine if there is a problem in the front-end is for a technician to put the car on an alignment rack and measure the location of all the components. Since most alignments are done with the computer and lasers, even a small discrepancy will show up. If the front-end is out of alignment, the body shop will fix the car and straighten the frame; then they will align the front-end for you.

Frame Straightening

Today's cars no longer have a separate steel frame. Most of the vehicles manufactured as commuter vehicles, or economy cars, have an integral frame. Early versions of this system are referred to as unibody cars, and because the unibody and the body are all part of the same assembly, damage to the body often extends into this frame. 

The auto body shop may determine that there is damage to the frame or unibody. Most auto body shops have a machine to straighten the frame on these new cars, but depending on the amount of damage to the body and frame, the results may not be worth the effort. Check with your auto body shop to determine if they can straighten the frame on your car if it is required.

Engine And Drivetrain Damage 

If the engine, transmission, or drivetrain is damaged as a result of a collision that your car was involved in, the auto body shop may need to do their work on the vehicle then send it to another facility for the mechanical work. Some auto body shops also have mechanics that can deal with engine and drivetrain issues, but some only do auto body work. Check with the shop where your car is being repaired to find out if you need to send the car to a mechanic after the bodywork is complete. 

For more information, contact a shop that offers the services that you need such as auto alignment repair, frame straightening services, or engine and drivetrain repair.