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When Is Powder Coating a Good Option for Your Volkswagen Restoration Project?

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Working on a vintage Volkswagen—whether it is one of the more common Beetles or Buses or a harder-to-find gem like a Karmann Ghias or a Thing—is a fun restoration project. But the nature of Volkswagens as affordable cars on the market makes one much different from a high-end sports car or a designer vehicle. Powder-coating engine parts and other areas of restored cars is one way to make them look great and increase their durability. Read More»

Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Trucks In Pristine Condition

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If you own one or more commercial trucks, then you probably know just how expensive repairs and maintenance can get. Therefore, any way of reducing those costs is something to heavily consider. There are thankfully a number of different techniques that you can use to increase the lifespan of your vehicles and reduce the amount of money that you will need to spend getting them back online when they break down, such as: Read More»

4 Tips For Auto Body Repair

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If you have been in a car accident, you likely have some auto body damage that needs to be taken care of. To be sure that your auto body repairs are done right, you will want to consider these four auto body repair tips: You Can Pick the Shop: If you have worked with an auto body repair shop in the past that you trust, you can still go to them even if your auto insurance company referred you to a different shop. Read More»

How To Save Money On Auto Body Repairs

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If you have been involved in a car accident in which the exterior of your vehicle has been damaged, you are probably going to want auto body repairs. This is a great way to keep the value of your vehicle high and ensure that it has great aesthetic appeal. However, auto body repairs can be expensive. You may want to put off the repairs just so you can save some money. Read More»